Talk 87

Photo showing Major Chadwick seated next to Chinnaswami. Paul Brunton sitting on other side of calf in suit.

6th November, 1935
Talk 87.

Major A. W. Chadwick, an ardent English devotee, asked, "Why did Jesus call out `My God! My God!' while being crucified?"
Photo shows "Crucifixion" by Diego Velasquez, 17th c.

It might have been an intercession on behalf of the two thieves who were crucified with Him. Again, a Jnani [?] has attained liberation even while alive, here and now. It is immaterial as to how, where and when he leaves his body. Some jnanis may appear to suffer, others may be in samadhi, still others may disappear from sight before death.

But that makes no difference to their jnana. Such suffering is apparent only to the onlooker and not to the Jnani, for he has already transcended the mistaken identity of the Self with the body.

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