Talk 71

24th July, 1935
Talk 71.

Chronological Sequence of the Master' s Stay in Different Places at Tiruvannamalai
1896. Arrived at Tiruvannamalai and stayed in the temple premises, beneath the tree, in the interior of the underground cellar, Pathala Lingam, sometimes in the gopurams, etc.
1897 (early), removed to Gurumurtam. Stayed in the shrine and in the adjoining mango grove (18 months).
1898 (September) in Pavalakunru.
1899 (February) on the hill in caves, the mango tree cave and Virupaksha cave.
1905. Stayed in Pachiamman Koil for six months during the plague ravages. Again on the hill.
1908. January, February and March in Pachiamman Koil. Again on the hill.
1916. Skandasramam.
1922. The Ramanasramam site on the southern slope of the Hill.

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