Talk 101

19th November, 1935
Talk 101.

A gentleman from Ambala asked: What is the rationalistic explanation of Draupadi's sari becoming endless?

Spiritual matters cannot be fitted into rationalism. Spirituality is transcendental. The miracle was after Draupadi had surrendered herself. The secret lies in surrender.
D.: How to reach the Heart?

Where are you now that you want to reach the Heart? Are you standing apart from the Self?
D.: I am in my body.

In a particular spot, or all over?
D.: All over. I am extending all over the body.

Wherefrom do you extend?
D.: I do not know.

Yes. You are always in the Heart. You are never away from it in order that you should reach it. Consider how you are in deep sleep and in the waking state. These states are also not yours. They are of the ego. The consciousness remains the same and undifferentiated all through.
D.: I understand but I cannot feel it so.

Whose is the ignorance? Find it out.
D.: All this is so difficult.

The idea of difficulty is itself wrong. It will not help you to gain what you want. Again I ask: "Who finds it difficult?"
D.: I see that I am coming round to `I'.

Because you are always that and never away from that. There is nothing so simple as being the Self. It requires no effort, no aid. One has to leave off the wrong identity and be in his eternal, natural, inherent state.

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