Talk 107

29th November, 1935
Talk 107.

Later the Yogi (Yogananda) asked: How is the spiritual uplift of the people to be effected? What are the instructions to be given them?

They differ according to the temperaments of the individuals and according to the spiritual ripeness of their minds. There cannot be any instruction en masse.
D.: Why does God permit suffering in the world? Should He not with His omnipotence do away with it at one stroke and ordain the universal realisation of God?

Suffering is the way for Realisation of God.
D.: Should He not ordain differently?

It is the way.
D.: Are Yoga, religion, etc., antidotes to suffering?

They help you to overcome suffering.

D.: Why should there be suffering?

Who suffers? What is suffering?

No answer! Finally the Yogi rose up, prayed for Sri Bhagavan' s blessings for his own work and expressed great regret for his hasty return. He looked very sincere and devoted and even emotional.

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