Talk 114

23rd December, 1935
Talk 114.

Baron Von Veltheim - Ostran, an East German Baron, asked, There should be harmony between knowledge of the Self and knowledge of the world. They must develop side by side. Is it right? Does Maharshi agree?


D.: Beyond the intellect and before wisdom dawns there will be pictures of the world passing before one's consciousness. Is it so? Sri Bhagavan pointed out the parallel passage in Dakshinamurti stotram [?] to signify that the pictures are like reflections in a mirror; again from the Upanishad - as in the mirror, so in the world of manes, as in the water, so in the world of Gandharvas; as shadow and sunlight in Brahma Loka.

D.: There is spiritual awakening since 1930 all the world over? Does Maharshi agree?

Maharshi said: "The development is according to your sight." The Baron again asked if Maharshi would induce a spiritual trance and give him a message - which is unspoken but still understandable. No answer was made.

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