Talk 116

25th December, 1935
Talk 116.

D.: Jiva [?] is said to be bound by karma. Is it so?

Let karma enjoy its fruits. As long as you are the doer so long are you the enjoyer.

D.: How to get released from karma.

See whose karma it is. You will find you are not the doer. Then you will be free. This requires grace of God for which you should pray to Him, worship Him and meditate on Him. The karma which takes place without effort, i.e., involuntary action, is not binding. Even a Jnani [?] is acting as seen by his bodily movements. There can be no karma without effort or without intentions (sankalpas). Therefore there are sankalpas for all. They are of two kinds (1) one, binding - bandha-hetu and the other (2) mukti-hetu - not binding. The former must be given up and the latter must be cultivated. There
is no fruit without previous karma; no karma without previous sankalpa [?]. Even mukti [?] must be the result of effort so long as the sense of doership persists.

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