Talk 129

6th January, 1936
Talk 129.

An elderly gentleman, formerly a co-worker with B. V. Narasimha Swami and author of some Visishtadvaita work, visited the place for the first time. He asked about rebirths, if it is possible for the linga sarira [?] (subtle body) to get dissolved and be reborn in two years after death.

Yes. Surely. Not only can one be reborn, one may be twenty or forty or even seventy years old in the new body though only two years after death. Sri Bhagavan cited Lila's story from Yoga Vasishta.
Sreyo hi jnanam abhyasat jnanat dhyanam,
dhyanat karmaphala tyagah.
Here jnana stands for knowledge without practice; abhyasa [?] stands for practice without knowledge; dhyana [?] stands for practice with knowledge. "Knowledge without practice accompanying it is superior to practice without knowledge. Practice with knowledge is superior to knowledge without practice accompanying it. Karmaphala tyagah Nishkama karma as of a Jnani [?] - action without desire - is superior to knowledge with practice."
D.: What is the difference between yoga [?] and surrender?

Surrender is Bhakti Yoga. To reach the source of the `I-thought' is the destruction of the ego, is the attainment of the goal, is prapatti [?] (surrender), jnana, etc.

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