Talk 135

15th January, 1936
Talk 135.

Three European ladies from the Theosophical Conference came here and asked: "Is the whole scheme, the Plan, really good? Or is it in the nature of an error, a mistake of which we have to make the best?"

The Plan is indeed good. The error is on our part. When we correct it in ourselves the whole scheme becomes all right.
D.: Have you any formula to teach us how to bring it about through a remembrance of what we do during sleep?

No formula is needed. Everyone has the experience that he slept happily and knew nothing then. Nothing else was experienced.
D.: The answer does not satisfy me. We wander in the astral plane in our sleep but we do not remember it.

The astral plane is concerned with dreams, not with deep sleep.
D.: What do you consider to be the cause of world suffering? And how can we help to change it, (a) as individuals? or (b) collectively?

Realise the Real Self. It is all that is necessary.
D.: Can we hasten our illumination for greater service? and how?

As we are not able to help ourselves, so we have to surrender ourselves to the Supreme completely. Then He will take care of us as well as the world.
D.: What do you consider the goal?

D.: Is there any way to meet the appointed Guru for each?

Intense meditation brings it about.

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