Talk 139

19th January, 1936
Talk 139.

Mr. Ellappa Chettiar, a Member of the Legislative Council, from Salem, asked: "Is it enough to introvert the mind or should we meditate on `I am Brahman'?"

To introvert the mind is the prime thing. The Buddhists consider the flow of `I' thought to be Liberation; whereas we say that such flow proceeds from its underlying substratum - the only - Reality. Why should one be meditating `I am Brahman'? Only the annihilation of `I' is Liberation. But it can be gained only by keeping the `I-I' always in view. So the need for the investigation of the `I' thought. If the `I' is not let go, no blank can result to the seeker. Otherwise meditation will end in sleep. There is only one `I' all along, but what arises up from time to time is the mistaken `I-thought'; whereas the intuitive `I' always remains Self-shining, i.e., even before it becomes manifest.
The birth of the gross body does not amount to one's own birth, on the other hand, the birth of the ego is one's own birth. For liberation, nothing new remains to be gained. It is the original state and continues unchanged too.

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