Talk 142

20th January, 1936
Talk 142.

Mr. Prakasa Rao from Bezwada: Does not illusion become inoperative even before identity with Brahman results (Brahmakaravritti [?])? Or does it persist even afterwards?

Illusion will not persist after vasanas are annihilated. In the interval between the knowledge of the identity and annihilation of vasanas, there will be illusion.
D.: How can the world influence a man even after identity with Brahman?

First do it and see. You can then raise this question, if necessary.
D.: Can we know it in the same way as we know our identity?

Are you different from the mind? How do you expect it to be known?
D.: Can the full scope of the Chitta [?] (Chittavilasa) be known?

Oh! Is this the identity of Brahman?
Ignorance vanishing, the residue reveals itself. It is experience, not in the category of knowledge.

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